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  • 99 Union Street
  • Seattle, WA 98101

Impress your family this holiday season with reservations for a Christmas Day four-course feast at Goldfinch Tavern!

USD 125 per person, pair with wine for USD 45 per person; USD 35 for children 3-12
Price does not include 20% automatic service charge or 10.1% state tax
Reservations required | Please call (206)749-7070, credit card required to book

@GoldfinchTavern #FSHoliday

Shared for the table:

HALF SHELL OYSTERS, champagne ice
CAVIAR DEVILED EGG, paddlefish caviar, chive, celery leaf
COUNTRY HAM PROFITEROLE, apricot preserve, cress, pickle
DUCK SALAD, endive, radicchio, huckleberry, black pepper
SOCKEY SALMON, charred cucumber, buttermilk, chervil, olive oil

Shared for the table:

SALAD OF WINTER VEGETABLES, frisée, banyuls vinaigrette
BLUE CHEESE SALAD, hazelnuts, roasted quince, rye croutons, sage
SALAD FROM THE SEA, steamed mussels, dungeness crab, shrimp, lemon, tarragon, seaweed

Please select one:

GRILLED WAGYU BEEF, black truffle potatoes, smoked beets
CHICKEN & TRUFFLES, black truffle stuffed chicken, chestnuts, chard
BROILED LOBSTER, lobster risotto, thyme butter, madeira onions
ROASTED BLACK COD, house made pasta, manila clam, celery, meyer lemons
AGED MUSCOVY DUCK, walnut salad, smoked duck bacon, buttery potatoes
WHITE TRUFFLE RAVIOLI, chive butter sauce, shaved truffles, wild winter mushrooms, parmesan

Please select one:
CHOCOLATE FUDGE, rich fudge served with candied nuts and baked meringue kisses
EGGNOG CRÈME BRÛLÉE, nutmeg whipped cream, almond brittle
BLOOD ORANGE FIG TART, cardamom anglaise, vanilla ice cream
CHOCOLATE DIPPED BAILEY'S ICE CREAM, hand-dipped ice cream on a bed of white chocolate snow